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Crude oils are organic in nature and made up of combinations of carbon and hydrogen with some amounts of sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and traces of vanadium, nickel and other metals.

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In a recent milestone, PTT Lubricants was tested in over 50 vehicles in the United States. The test was lead by Justin Brangers a professional engine designer and builder. According to Justin, PTT Lubricants has performed flawlessly and better than any product he has used.

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Café Amazon

“The Most Popular Coffee Brand in Thailand”. With the inspiration to serve the best quality coffee to coffee lovers, Café Amazon was launched in 2002 by the business operation of PTT Group

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dynamic super commonrail

Dynamic Super Commonrail

A superior performance, fully synthetic, multi-grade SAE 5W-30 diesel engine oil for modern technology engine...

Dynamic Extra Longdrain

A fully synthetic multi-grade SAE 10W-40 engine oil is specially developed for extending oil drain interval, exceeding the requirements of API CI-4...


Performa Super Synthetic

The groundbreaking technology of fully synthetic gasoline engine oil formulated from Di-Synthetic Protect technology with SAE 0W-30...

Performa Racing Synthetic

Premium performance, fully synthetic multi-grade SAE 5W-50 lubricant exceeding the highest quality standard for gasoline engine oil “API SN”...