Thailand’s PTT brings to Ph new lube products for superbikes

March 26, 2018
Thailand’s PTT brings to Ph new lube products for superbikes

Thai oil firm PTT has formally introduced in the Philippine market a new lubricant line for superbikes during the annual Inside Racing Bike Festival & Trade Show held over the weekend at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

khun-bob new lube products for superbikes

Hundreds of riders trooped to the PTT Lubricants booth Saturday to witness the Philippine launch of the PTT Challenger Superbike Racing, the official lubricant in this year’s Moto Grand Prix to be held October in Thailand.

“We bring the PTT Challenger Superbike Racing here in the Philippines because of the growing number of Filipino riders and the demand for motorcycle oil, from scooters to super sports bikes,” Vittaya Viboonterawud, PTT Philippines Director for Commercial Fuels & Lubricants, told reporters during the launch.

“We find it an opportune to bring this lubricant line for 4-stroke motorcycles because we see a potential market here in the Philippines as motorcycle are everywhere on the Philippine streets,” Mr. Viboonterawud said.

During the launch, PTT highlighted its latest innovation for high performance 4-stroke motorcycle with the development of racing technology called “Ester Tech” with High Film Strength and DI-SYN Protect Technology that maximizes motorcycle engine performance, has excellent heat resistance, and access to soft gear.

khun-bob 2 new lube products for superbikes

Mr. Viboonterawud said that the new technology is another formulation by the Research and Technology Institute of PTT in Thailand that has Php2-billion annual budget for research alone.

The PTT Challengers Superbike Racing was first launched in Thailand in November 2017 and was initially sold in the Philippines in January 2018 through

With the formal launching in the Philippines, Viboonterawud said they can now be sold in Metro Manila stores and at selected PTT gas stations.

Among the big and sports bike brands for which the new PTT lubricants are recommended include Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Ducati, and KTM, among others. These are the same superbikes brands that are expected among those that will be seeing actions in the forthcoming Moto Grand Prix in Thailand.

superbikes-venue new lube products for superbikes

Long queue inside the PTT Lubricants booth

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