PTT bares new canopy logo in QC station

November 29, 2018
PTT bares new canopy logo in QC station

Ms. Seriyothin leads the formal opening of the Baesa station with the Dealer and other PTT executives and personnel.

PTT Philippines bared its new service station logo with the recent opening of its 145th station in the country and its 14th in Metro Manila.

PTT Baesa, the Thai oil firm’s sixth station in Quezon City, carries the new station logo on its canopy combining the flame logo design with ‘PTT Station” wordings highlighted in dark and light blue colors.

“The new design was not a total depart from our original station logo that had the flame and the PTT acronym beside it,” PTT Philippines President & Chief Executive Officer Sukanya Seriyothin said.

She said that the change in service station logo was part of the transition in PTT management of its oil business from PTT Public Company Limited to PTTOR (PTT Oil & Retail Business Company).

The transfer of assets has begun from PTTPLC to PTTOR in preparation for the planned initial public offering on the Thai exchange next year. Regulations for state-run enterprises in Thailand no longer applies to PTTOR, allowing it more flexibility to complete acquisitions and accelerate foreign expansion.

“This is why we have introduced our new station logo and we will do this eventually to all our stations, starting with the company-owned,” Seriyothin said.

Apart from Baesa station, PTT Pulilan also carries the new logo design that will soon be followed by PTT station in Abucay, Bataan.

To date, PTT has a total of 145 stations in the Philippines scattered all over Luzon and Cebu in the Visayas. Six more stations are expected to open before the year ends.

Part of PTT’s expansion is its non-oil business Café Amazon that will soon be opening several stores in and out of its gasoline stations.

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