Performa Syntec Plus 10W40

PERFORMA SYNTEC PLUS Synthetic technology motor oil specially designed for modern high performance engine with gasoline direct injection (GDI and Turbo-GDI) systems. Developed by latest evolution technology platform EVOTEC fortified with SMART Molecules that improve engine cleanliness and prevent low-sped pre-ignition (LSPI). Outstanding low friction and heat resistance enhance acceleration response, wear prevention and maintaining engine power for better drivability in all situations.

  • Enhance excellent engine cleanliness especially in piston and help reduce LSPI occurrence in Turbo-GDI engine by SMART Molecules.
  • Improve superb engine protection against wear and prevent timing chain elongation for maintaining maximum engine performance.
  • Outstanding low oil friction with high heat resistance by EVOTEC technology for superior acceleration responsiveness and reduced oil consumption.
  • Better oil degradation resistance and engine sludge prevention through oil drain intervals.
  • Designed for high performance gasoline engine both GDI and Turbo-GDI.
  • Recommended for passenger car, sport car and SUV equipped with start-stop system.
  • Suitable for all port fuel injection (PFI) gasoline engines running with unleaded gasoline (ULG) and ethanol blended gasoline (E10, E20 and E85).
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