Dynamic Commonrail Synthetic 5W-30

A high performance fully synthetic diesel engine oil especially formulated for modern commonrail diesel pickups and SUVs. It delivers excellent engine and turbocharger cleanliness for enhancing engine response and fuel economy, prevents sludge formation and extends oil drain interval.

  • Provide excellent engine cleanliness and prevents deposit build-up on pistons and turbochargers
  • Offers strong oil film ensuring engine wear and turbocharger protection under all conditions
  • Delivers excellent thermal and oxidation stability against oil degradation
  • Enhances soot handling control for reducing sludge and extends oil drain interval
  • Designed for high performance modern diesel commonrail system of pickup trucks, SUVS, and MPVs
  • Recommended for diesel engine where the manufacturer recommends ACEA A5/B5 (SAE 5w30) and ACEA A3/B4 (SAE 5w40)
  • Suitable for vehicles equipped with EGR and turbocharger without DPF.