Blue Gasoline 97+

Premium Plus “97 Octane” Gasoline with Octane booster that helps increase horsepower and torque for maximum engine performance. High Tech cleaning agents help in cleaning fuel injectors and remove carbon deposits with every fill up.

PTT Philippines Corporation, a subsidiary of the PTTPLC, the largest energy company in Thailand launched at its PTT Park n’ Fly Service Station in Pasay City, its new ethanol blended Premium Plus “97 Octane” gasoline.

Since 1985, the Royal Chitralada Projects, an initiative of the King and PTTPLC have been in the forefront in the development of the use of ethanol as an alternative fuel. The alternative fuel program in Thailand has been very successful and PTT would like to pass on the knowledge and experience of the alternative program to help support the Philippine government’s biofuel program.

Republic Act No. 9367, or the Biofuels Act of 2006, mandates the use of biofuels, including bioethanol, as an alternative fuel source in the current grades of gasoline products available in the market.

E10 is bioethanol-blended gasoline that consists of 10% bioethanol and 90% gasoline. Bioethanol is an alternative energy resource produced from organic matter. It is a byproduct of fermented carbohydrates such as starch or sugar found in agricultural crops.

The local sources of bioethanol are agricultural products such as sugarcane, corn, cassava, and nipa, which can be grown and harvested regularly. As such, it offers a considerable advantage over fossil fuels for being renewable.

Premium Plus “97 Octane” has a higher oxygen content thus promoting improved engine combustion resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and better vehicle performance. Motorist will now have a chance enjoy a high octane and end environment –friendly gasoline at a cheaper price.

Premium Plus “97 Octane” can be used in all cars with fuel-injected engines and there is generally no need for any expensive engine improvements or modifications. For the information of the public, PTT recommends that when a motorist initially fills up with E10 it recommends that level of gasoline inside the fuel tank of the vehicle is almost empty.

The type of materials of the vehicle’s fuel system, including elastometers and gaskets, should be compatible with bioethanol. PTT recommends that car owners consult their dealer or manufacturer for additional information.