PTT Strengthens Sustainability Program with Mangroves Project

June 15, 2017
PTT Strengthens Sustainability Program with Mangroves Project

PTT Philippines, a subsidiary of Thailand’s largest gas and energy conglomerate PTT Public Company Limited, returned Thursday in Noveleta, Cavite to further strengthen its presence in the province not just for business but to also fulfill its commitment to transform an area into an ecological hub.

PTT, a strong advocate of environmental protection and preservation in Thailand and in the rest of Southeast Asia where it has business presence, took another milestone in its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts by planting 50,000 mangrove propagules in the wetland area of Noveleta.

It was PTT Philippines’ fourth consecutive year to plant mangrove propagules, bringing the total number of propagules planted to 200,000 under its CSR project called “BakaJuan: Back to the Mangroves”.

“This is actually part of our business practice. Wherever we do our business, we make it sure to provide due attention to environmental management and improvement of the quality of life of society and the communities under the principle of care, share, and respect, and creating shared values,” PTT Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Sukanya Seriyothin said.

The Thai oil firm’s sustainability program made PTT become one of the greenest companies in the world. In the 2015 Newsweek Green Rankings, PTT was ranked 111th from among the 500 companies, a big improvement from its 136th place in 2014.

The Green Rankings were based from at least eight specific performance indicators on its corporate sustainability and environmental impact. Among them are Combined Energy Productivity, Combined Greenhouse Gas Productivity, Combined Water Productivity, and Combined Waste Productivity.

This year’s “BakaJuan: Back to the Mangroves” project brought again some 400 volunteers from multi-sectoral groups that include representatives from the local government units, military, academe, the church, and the diplomatic community, particularly from the Royal Thai Embassy in Manila.

PTT Philippines launched the project in 2014 after super typhoon “Yolanda” (Haiyan) made a devastating landfall in many parts of the country, leaving some 6,300 people dead.

What stood out after the storm were mangroves in some coastal areas in the country that saved lives of people living in those communities, and one of which is the small town of General MacArthur in Eastern Samar. It largely survived the typhoon that just about leveled the nearby city of Tacloban because of mangrove trees that surround a small bay.

“We took it from there, we looked for a place for our pilot testing and that brought us here in Noveleta,” Seriyothin said.

Noveleta is the smallest town of Cavite province located in the north-western portion of Cavite bordered by Manila Bay on the western side.

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